Spitfire Automation and Management System

Take Flight

Spitfire AMS is a versatile SME management system. We help you to take control of your business, with fully customisable functionality. Our solution has been used in a range of settings, from retail to manufacturing, and we pride ourselves in the adaptability of its features. From customer management to automated supplier feeds, your system will free up your time to push your business to the next level.

  • Complete Back-Office System.
  • Comprehensive CRM.
  • Complete Stock Control and Traceability.
  • e-Commerce Support with Multi-Market Functionality.
  • Integrated POS and EPOS
  • Automated Returns Process.
  • Full Supplier Control and Automated Data Feeds.

Step in to the Pilots Seat

You are at the heart of the system as soon as you open the door.

With Multi-Channel Selling you will be able to manage all of your Marketplaces in one area. Automatically updating your Stock Levels across each Marketplace and importing all of your orders automatically – including Amazon, eBay, CDiscount and NewEgg.

Then comes the unique Shopping List, this allows for Drop Shipping and Just-In-Time Purchasing – If your Suppliers support it, you can drop-ship your orders or purchase everything you need, as you need it. Perfect for all of those who resell I.T or Office Products.

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