Choice Stationery On Target!

logoChoice Stationery Supplies is Spitfires longest standing Customer. They use Spitfire to process over 1,000 orders per day from their Magento e-Commerce Website, it produces all of the Purchase Orders each day to each Supplier and even prints out the Delivery Notes for the Warehouse once the Goods have been booked in.

Choice have been running on the very first edition of Spitfire as it works perfectly for their requirements. Now with a huge range of enhancements and upgrades, they are On Target to be upgraded to the newest version of Spitfire in time for Christmas.

Not only will this mean the Team at Choice being able to lookup Customer Details in the newly revamped CRM section of Spitfire, but they will also be able to place Sales Orders and take Payments from within Spitfire. No more passing the Customer to the Accounts team when they want to make a payment to clear their account, Operators will be able to see instantly what a Customer owes and take a payment directly on that Customers Account.

That is just the start of the new features available in Spitfire since its inception, so why not see what Spitfire can do for your Business – Get In Touch Today to find out!Customer Management

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You are in Control, you are the Pilot!

01_kpit_003When we were deciding of the name for a brand new Back Office system, we neededsomething unique, something powerful, something meaningful and something that makes a huge statement just by saying it.

It didn’t take long to decide on a name though, from our Directors love of Aviation coupled with his active interest in the Armed Forces. It was decided to called it Spitfire.

When people talk about the Aircraft Spitfire, it was a feat of British Engineering which was no doubt a huge game-changer during the World War. It was, and still is, a very powerful piece of machinery and to this date is flown by some of the Worlds most amazing Pilots.

Being in the Pilots seat of any Aircraft gives you a much different view of the world than any other, one that for many people is only a dream.

Therefore, Spitfire is the perfect name for our system. It is “Made in Britain” from the ground up. We plan on making it a huge game-changer for every industry that takes it on to run their business, and with you in the Pilots seat – you will see your entire business from a completely different view. One which allows you to make much more informed decisions on your Stock, your Staffing and every single Business Process from Ordering right through to Invoicing and Stock Control.

The biggest difference is that you needn’t dream of being in the Pilots seat of this Spitfire, we make it affordable to Small, Medium, Large and International Businesses. At the same time, we sit in the hangar as your Engineer to make sure that your system runs smoother than ever, and every time a new part is available – we’ll bolt it on straight away!

So take Control of your Business today, and jump in the Pilot seat of our Spitfire Automation and Management System. We will guide you through everything as your Co-Pilot and Navigator until you are ready to fly Solo.

Email us at or call us on 01823 476923.

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Multiple Images Support

At Spitfire HQ we like to make things as easy as possible for our Customers. So when you have multiple product images for a particular product, we have now made it as simple as “dragging and dropping” those images in to the system.

Get in touch today to see how we can simplify and streamline your business processes!

Multiple Stock Images

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Spitfire Training – Customer and Supplier Relationship Management

Our very first Training Document has now been made public for you all to see. The Customer and Supplier Relationship Management section has been covered in this manual. We aim to cover everything in an easy-to-understand format and avoid being too technical.

As Spitfire is being continually developed, the Training Documentation will also be updated to make sure you will always see the most recent set of instructions.

For our Customers, there is also a new “Help” menu at the top of your Spitfire Dashboard which lists all of the Documentation we have available.

Not only does this help with training, but it also helps reduce the Support load on our team and in return we can continue to drive down our costs to pass on all of the savings to our Customers.

Front Cover

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C(S)RM Training with Amtek Plastics UK

Here at Spitfire HQ we pride ourselves in providing the very best Back Office System for your business – saving you time and money along the way. This is why we also include training in everything we do in bite-size chunks so everyone knows what to do.

Today we covered the C(S)RM with Amtek Plastics UK. C(S)RM meaning Customer and Supplier Relationship Management – because we believe that having a successful business model involves an excellent relationship with not only your Customers, but your Suppliers as well.


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New Stock Management Section Launched

After a huge amount of testing, many sleepless nights and 10 rolls of Brother Labels later, Amtek Plastics UK are now live with their new Stock Management and Barcoding section of Spitfire.

The Stock Control feature now supports stock taking of Boxes, Pallets, Packs – and even Containers (although you might lose the Label somewhere on the outside of it). Every Label has all of the details on it to tell you the exact quantity and manufacturing stage of that Box (or Container).

There are also plans to include the picture of the item inside the box on the label to give you a very quick visual of what is inside of it so stay tuned!

From within Stock Maintenance, you can also print off the Bin Location labels to stick directly to the locations within your Warehouse or Factory.

Labels can be printed during any Stock Adjustment where it is automatically sent to the printer or during a later stage where they can then be printed in bulk.


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Sneak Preview at the new Amtek App

Screenshot_2015-10-22-21-31-52To be a market leader, you need to make sure you stay ahead of the market and well… lead it! That is why Amtek Plastics UK have chosen us to create a brand new app for them using the Spitfire AMS Back Office behind it.

This will allow their customers to login, look at their outstanding Quotes, check the status of their Orders, real-time updates on any Cases they have raised, look at their current Stock Levels to see if they would like anything shipped ahead of their current orders – and well, the possibilities are endless!

The app will be available on Android and iOS devices once released and the customer will be able to enter their username and password to gain access to their details directly from Amtek Plastics UK. This also means that once access levels are introduced at a Customer level, employees at the same Customer site will have different options available to them when opening the app – and everything is real-time.

logoWhat this means is that when a member of the Amtek team create a quote, they will have a whole host of options available to them. A simple PDF could be emailed to the Customer, the Customer could login to the Amtek Customer Portal and look at their quote (and even accept it online) and once the App is released – if they are out and about, they can make use of it to look at the details of their Quote from their phone.

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Built with BitBucket

bitbucket-logoHere at Spitfire HQ we try and keep things simple without getting too technical, but we know there are some people out there who love the technical side of things – so here a little snippet! As with any Software Platforms, when making sure every modification or new feature is tried and tested before being released to our customers, we need a system behind the scenes which handles this for us. Today we have moved away from another provider to Atlassian BitBucket.

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Heart Internet cannot be beaten!

logoAfter being with Heart Internet for quite a number of years now, and with trialing other providers but none ever come close to the Support, Product Offering and Service Levels provided by Heart Internet we have decided to use them for all of our Hosting and Server requirements for Spitfire.

Today they migrating our small virtual server to something from a different planet – a Hybrid! Harnessing dedicated resources and scalable to keep up with our Customers’ growth. Throughout the whole process, Warsame Omer went behind the usual customer care and saw it from start to finish, kept us updated for the entire process and made sure we didn’t lose any data at all. A credit to the Heart Internet team, and has proven to us that staying with Heart Internet was the correct decision, and will be for many years to come.

So here is to a fantastic future with Heart Internet, and making sure our customers get the very best hardware and support to match to make sure their new Spitfire system runs smoother than anything, and can be accessed on any device in the world.


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Supplier Price List

It has been a very busy week here at Spitfire HQ, with some huge infrastructure changes to meet the demands of our customers but our latest Spitfire addition is Supplier Pricing (or Price Lists).

We now support automatic Price Feeds on a regular basis from some of the most popular distributors, including Westcoast, Ingram Micro, Computer 2000, Spicers and exertis. However, you can also have manual price feeds (uploaded from an Excel Spreadsheet, or building in the Suppliers feed directly in to Spitfire to automate it) and manual updating of pricing in Spitfire.

This makes it much easier when it comes to raising Purchase Orders as you don’t need to trawl the Suppliers website for pricing as Spitfire has already done all of the matching – and with regular price feeds setup means you know you always get the most up-to-date price.

Pricing can be viewed at a Stock level (so it lists each Suppliers price for that item with their stock level) or a Supplier Level (so it provides you a list of all the pricing for that Supplier for everything they have.

Stock Lookup Supplier Price List Supplier View

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